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 Download Revision notes For Jee main and Advanced (pdf):

Revision is the most important part for scoring the best marks in Exams. According to every topper or every teacher if you have read the book and then you don't revise it then it is negligible but many of the students feel it is too hard a task due to seeing the very large syllabus in JEE. There is also a more reason many students haven't their own short notes. In order to score the best marks, you have to revise formulae and most topics at least one time. so in this post, I am going to give you the best quality short notes which help you a lot in exams. so scroll down you will get links to each subject notes FREE OF COST.

Note: these notes were collected from another source.

Physics short revision notes

Most of the students believe in that think Physics is a tough subject, actually, it's totally wrong you can achieve up to 60 marks easily with know just basic concepts. In below i am providing the best-handwritten notes by am iitian. Also, visit crashup youtube channel for physics crash course videos.

Chemistry Short Revision notes

These are the very best handwritten notes which covered all chapters of class 11th and 12th also. Visit chemistry guruji youtube channel for chemistry lectures

Mathematics short revision notes

This is the very best short revision notes for mathematics (jee main&advanced) class 11th and 12th also. (link provided in below)

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